James Pruett

James attended the University of Georgia where he was a Pre-law student with a double major in Political Science and English. He aspired to be a lawyer, until finally one day, during his Junior year in college, he realized that his childhood dream really held no interest for him as an adult, and he floated a couple of years in college trying to decide what to do with his life.

Finally, with encouragement from his brother, Joe, and friends, James found his true calling... comics. Around 1992 his twin brother had managed to find work in the comic field as an assistant to Flaming Carrot creator Bob Burden. It was through this relationship that James first started to entertain thoughts of a career in comics. After Joe was signed by Caliber Comics to write his Kilroy Is Here series, James figured that if Joe could do it, so could he. Later in 1992, James co-founded a creator’s studio, MadHatter Studios, with several up and coming comic talents, such as Steve Lieber, Malcolm Bourne, Jeffrey Lang, Andrew Robinson, Jim Califiore, and others. It was through this studio that the idea of creating the anthology Negative Burn was born. Trying to think of a way to showcase the creative talents in MadHatter studios, James first came up with the notion to create an anthology with everyone contributing short stories. He brought up the idea of a one-shot anthology with Joe and he instantly was enthusiastic with the idea and he brought in Charles Moore to help with gathering material. It was then signed by Caliber and the rest is history.

It was around the fifth issue of Negative Burn when James left his assistant editing job on the anthology to concentrate on his own series, Black Mist. This ran as a four-issue limited series in 1994. During the run of this series, James was approached by Caliber’s publisher, Gary Reed, about moving to Michigan and becoming Associate Publisher/Managing Editor of Caliber Comics. After thinking about it for about 5 minutes, James accepted the position and came on-board the Caliber staff in September 1994.

Some of James’ duties as the Managing Editor of Caliber Comics involve overseeing the production and scheduling of Caliber’s comic line; being the company’s liaison with Distributors and Printers; handling monthly solicitations; setting print runs; assigning creative teams and too many more to list.

James currently edits most of the Caliber line including such titles as: Magus, Caliber Core, Necroscope, Little White Mouse, LifeQuest, Sudden Gravity, Fatalis, Lori Lovecraft, Pakkins’ Land, Saint Germaine, and many others.

James has also managed to remain active with his writing interests as evidenced by his creating and writing such titles as The Apparition, Book of Angels, and the new Black Mist series with artist Mike Perkins, as well as, co-scripting the popular Kaos Moon series with creator David Boller.

In 1998, James finally abandoned his bachelor life and joined the ranks of the married. He currently lives happily with his new wife, Robin, and is constantly amazed with her patience with him as he adjusts to a new way of thinking especially with the news of a little Jimmy on it's way.

In 1999, Jim and Robin dared to bring another Pruett into the world, Alexander.   Jim recently moved back to Georgia to help with his father's business.