Notable Beginnings 

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Some well known artists and writers did their early work at Caliber Comics.
This is an incomplete list of them. 

Mike Allred of Madman fame. Mike first introduced the character of Frank Einstein in the pages of Creatures of the Id for Caliber and then Frank appeared as a back up story in Grafix Muzik. Previously to coming to Caliber, Mike did a graphic novel called Dead Air and the first incarnation of Grafix Muzik, Graphique Musique, both for Slave Labor. 

Brian Bendis was first published with his Parts of Hole before moving onto a two issue series called Quivers. A one shot followed, Spunky Todd, before Brian embarked on his spy series, Fire. Afterwards, he launched AKA Goldfish, pencilled Flaxen, and then after Goldfish finished, did eight issues of Jinx.

John Bergin was a self publisher before consolidating some of his previous work in addition to new material in the five issue series for Caliber called Ashes. Moving over to Tundra, John embarked on an extensive project called From Inside as well as teaming up with Jim O'Barr on Bone Saw. John also did a soundtrack for the Crow series. John returned to Caliber with his current hit, Golgothika. 

Ed Brubaker first published Lowlife with Slave Labor before gaining acclaim with Caliber. Editing the Monkey Wrench anthology, Ed then went onto Dark Horse where he did some short stories for Dark Horse Presents. 

Steven Butler had some success at Marvel where he was primarily worked on Silver Sable. For Caliber, he did the first few issues of Krey with writer Roland Mann. 

Mitch Byrd was the co-creator of Cat and Mouse, a series that eventually went to Malibu Comics. Teaming up with Roland Mann again, Mitch provided the artwork for the one-shot, Heatseeker. 

Jim Calafiore is probably best known for his lengthy run at Acclaim on different titles plus his work on some of Marvel's characters. However, Jim received his start at Caliber in Caliber's very first graphic novel, Progeny. Also for Caliber, Jim did eight issues of Camelot Eternal with Wayne Reid, a three issue series called God's Hammer, and the first issue of a proposed series called Mr. Trianglehead. 

Jana Christy, along with John Mitchell, brought out the very first issue of Very Vicky under Caliber's Iconografix label before they ventured into the world of self-publishing. 

Brian Clopper, who is generating attention for his series, Bombastic, had his first series published by Caliber called Partners in Pandemonium. 

Dave Cooper, before making quite a name for himself as one of the new exciting talents for companies such as Fantagraphics had done a considerable amount of work for Caliber including the mini-series of Big Someplace and Chronic Idiocy. He also did a masterful adaptation of Browning's Pied Piper of Hamelin for Tome Press. 

Guy Davis actually got his start with Arrow Comics with the Realm before Caliber took it over. Soon after, Guy teamed up with publisher Gary Reed and released Baker Street. A frequent contributor to many Caliber projects such as Sinergy, Book of the Tarot, Caliber Presents, Guy received critical acclaim and popularity when he joined with Matt Wagner on Sandman Mystery Theatre. Serving as the primary artist of the series, Guy continues to work on that series and is now into his sixth year. He is currently doing the much anticipated, The Marquis for Caliber. 

Andy Dimmit has appeared from many different publishers and for Caliber, he did a one shot called G-men. 

Dean Haspiel- Co-creator and artist of The Verdict which appeared in Caliber Presents and later collected into the one shot, THE VERDICT: THE ACOLYTE. Caliber also released a graphic novel that collected the original Verdict mini-series from Malibu. Dean has received great critical acclaim for his semi-autobiographical work, Keyhole as well as his Billy Dogma series.

Phil Hester, possibly the busiest man in comics, has worked for virtually every publisher. He did a lengthy run of Swamp Thing for DC, Rust for Now Comics, the Nameless for Image, the Crow for Kitchen Sink but his credits are too lengthy to list. For Caliber,  he was around in the early days, working on Deadworld, A Modest Proposal for the Tome Press imprint, and one of our favorite all time series for Caliber, Fringe. 

Stuart Immomen has made quite a name for himself at DC with the Legion and Superman plus other titles but a long time ago, he did a one shot for Caliber called Playground. 

Georges Jeanty became one of the main artists for Jim Shooter's Broadway comics and he got his major start with Caliber on the superhero title that tied into UN Force called Paradigm. 

Michael Lark has proven himself to be one of the most popular artists amongst his peers with his work on a story arc of Sandman Mystery Theatre and the two series of Terminal City. Mike first appeared in comics with the limited series from Caliber called Airwaves as well as the short stories from Caliber Presents, Taken Under. Mike has also appeared in Sinergy and the Book of the Tarot for Caliber. 

Vincent Locke's first work was for Arrow's Deadworld and when Caliber took over the series, Vincent continued in various capacities for most of the first series. He gained quite a bit of attention for his year run on Sandman, his American Freaks series, and a story arc for Sandman Mystery Theatre. For Paradox Press, he did a nearly 300 page book called The History of Violence. Vincent has done numerous covers for Caliber and worked on a variety of projects such as Plague (for Tome Press), Sinergy, Book of the Tarot, etc. He is currently the artist of Saint Germaine for Caliber and is also working for Vertigo on a new series of Witchcraft. 

Jason Lutes, the creator behind the acclaimed Jar of Fools started off with Caliber under the Iconografix banner with a one shot called Catchpenny Comics. 

David Mack, best known for his work on Kabuki originally did some work for Sky comics before the Young Dracula series appeared from Caliber. Afterwards, he went on to do more work for Caliber including two issues of Happy the Clown and the inking of Flaxen. 

Ron McCain, best known for his work on some of the Batman books started off at Caliber with a back up series in Deadworld which introduced the Dead-Killer. Teaming up with writer Gary Reed again, the two did a three issue series featuring the same character called To Kill a King. 

Dame Darcy Megan, who occasionally has her issues of Meatcake appear from Fantagraphics, had her first issue of Meatcake come out from the Iconografix label for Caliber. 

John Mitchell along with Jana Christy, brought out the very first issue of Very Vicky under Caliber's Iconografix label before they ventured into the world of self-publishing. 

Troy Nixey became known for his work in Dark Horse Presents but prior to that, he was the penciller for the first four issues of the second Deadworld series and did all of the art chores on the last two issue of the same series. 

James O'Barr was one of the original cast of creators when Caliber launched. His Crow series started off slow but built an incredible cult following which eventually catapulted it to a mainstream success. His other work for Caliber includes various shorts under the non de plume of Johnny Zero in Caliber Presents, some work on Deadworld including many covers, Caliber Christmas, and others. 

Brandon Peterson, the creator behind Arcanum for Image has built quite a name for himself in the last couple of years. One of his earliest works (possibly his first) was penciling a back up story called Navarro which ran in the Bounty mini-series. 

Galen Showman, who is currently doing work with DC (Big Books...) got his start at Caliber and is the best known for his work with publisher Gary Reed on Renfield. Previous to that, he also teamed up with Reed as the continuity artist for Sinergy and illustrated a short story for High Caliber. 

Ted Slampyak didn't get his start with Caliber on Jazz Age Chronicles as that was previously released from another company before Caliber picked it up. Ted got quite a bit of attention for his work on Neil Gaiman's Mr. Hero for Teckno Comics. 

Tom Sniegoski is the man who brought Vampierella back to prominence but prior to that, he did two mini-series for Caliber featuring Shar-Pei (Swords of...and Guns of....) before doing the first issue of Gutter-Rat. Tom is currently working with his partner, Christopher Golden on the Terrorists Saga, now appearing from Caliber comics.For more information check out Tom Sniegoski's biography. 

R.G. Taylor is best known for his work on Wordsmith which originally came out from Renegade Press. Caliber, after selling out of the trade paperbacks that collected Wordsmith, released them as individual issues. For Caliber, Taylor also did many short stories for Caliber Presents, the Silencers mini-series, and a variety of pin-up books showcasing his great artistic talents. 

Susan Van Camp is one of fantasy's popular artist. Having worked on some short stories for Arrow Comics, Susan was the creator of Varcel's Vixens for Caliber in the early days. 

Patrick Zircher is a familiar name for fans of Marvel and DC but not too many people realize he was at Caliber in the early 90's doing series such as Jason and the Argonauts for Tome Press and Seven Samurai for Gauntlet.