Caliber Comics presents the premiere anthology


Negative Burn has proven to be the industry's foremost anthology with each issue featuring a fine blend of current and future stars in comics. The number of debuts in Negative Burn is astounding. For more information, go to Negative Burn checklist. Issues range from 32 to 96 pages.
           NOTE:  Look for the all new NEGATIVE BURN from Desperado Publishing

Nominated for over 20 Industry Awards!
Harvey Awards
Eisner Awards
Don Thompson Awards
and others

Sketch book Features have inlcuded the likes of..
Dave Dorman
Mike Kaluta
Dave Mazzuccheli
Terry Moore
P. Craig Russel
Charle Vess
and many more, including
Neil Gaiman!

Debuts in Negative Burn!
Dusty Star
Strange Haven
Kaos Moon
and many more!

An Incredible array of Talent!
Art Adams
Alan Moore
Neil Gaiman
Tony Harris
Paul Pope
and over 100 more!