by Adrie VanViersen and Patrick Sauriol

Technopolis- a future action taleA series sure to appeal to fans of Mister X, Terminal City and Metropolis! What would have happened if aliens had crash-landed at Roswell or someplace similar over 50 years ago? What might have happened if their technology had been blended with ours? How would it have changed our world? Enter Technopolis. The year is 1949. Seventeen years after the aliens first crashed on our planet. Flying cars dot the sky, videophones are in every home, and the gangsters now employ ray guns instead of tommy guns.

Enter Madison James, a reporter whose job it is to cover the beat in and around the city of Technopolis. And with each new terrorist bombing that happens, the waves of fear amongst the alien community and Madison's front page headlines have been getting bigger. But Madison has a secret - he knows who's behind the attacks. And, if he doesn't make a decision about which side he's on soon, he may help start a war between the humans and aliens. The complete series ran four issues.