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Written by: Jason Flowers

Art by: Jason Flowers

Pages: 109

Print: Color


​ISBN:  978-1635299168

​$ 18.99 US

VIRUS meets ALIENS and STARSHIP TROOPERS in this sci-fi action thriller

JASON FLOWERS (Writer/Illustrator) -Jason Flowers is a comic book illustrator from Atlanta, GA. A.A.I Wars is his first published graphic novel with Caliber Comics. His past work includes illustrating sketch cards for Topps Cards and Upper Deck Cards on licensed properties for Disney, Marvel, Twentieth Century Fox, and more. His past comic book work has been published in Spread by Image Comics, RIPPED, a graphic novel for Arcana Comics, and HiVEN: A vampyre tale with Black Thumb Press. Recently he completed his first Halloween children's book called, Hello! Fat Crow! and has begun work on his next graphic novel, REQUIEM MASS. When he's not making comics, he can be found actively touring on the comic circuit selling and displaying his artwork and comics.



(4 Issues + Graphic Novel)

It's the year 2058 or so we believe.  After downloading an extraterrestrial signal that turns out to be a virus capable of controlling our technology, mankind now fights a war against an alien species that is continuously downloading themselves into our world. A war we call… A.A.I. Wars.


When Lt. Skyla Kingsley and her platoon’s investigation into a mysterious signal in a supposed dead zone turns up a secret underground lair, they stumble upon something never before seen during all the years of the war. Humanity’s main threat, an alien parasite that calls itself Mother. A parasite that is slowly taking over our world. But in order for it to continue to survive on our world it needs to merge its alien DNA with that of a human specimen.


Can Lt. Kingsley possibly escape with her team and salvage what she can to stop the genocide once and for all? Or will this spell the end for the human race? Collects issues #1-4 of the comic book series.

A.A.I. Wars

The Creative Team

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