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Wayne Vansant was the principle artist for The ‘Nam from Marvel Comics for more than 50 issues and is also known for his acclaimed Days of Darkness for Apple Comics, telling the story of the early days of the War in the Pacific. One of the most acclaimed historical comic artists, Wayne has created and illustrred comics from Marvel, Eclipse, Penguin, Caliber, Dark Horse, and others. He launched a series of non-fiction military history comics called the Heritage Collection which covered the Civil War and World War II.

The Creative Team

Fast paced WWII action from legendary historical war comic writer/artist Wayne Vansant. Includes bonus sketchbook pages of Wayne's earlier, some never published before, illustrations



An adventure tale of the French Legionnaire soldier, Battron, in the story of “The Trojan Woman”.


Here Battron, "a man without a country", is involved with the liberation of a freebooting French ship, the Martel, from a heavily guarded Vichy French port during World War II. The Allies want the ship destroyed; the Germans have sent serious resources and firepower to save it and keep it afloat. But a critical security leak in British intelligence could jeopardize not only the mission but his life.


The key is the beautiful former mistress of the Martel’s captain, enlisted in the hope she can convince him to join the Free French movement with his ship. But has she told the Allies all she knows? And can Battron and his skillful commandos complete their dangerous mission in time under the looming shadow of the pending Allied invasion of North Africa? As things swirl around between the Free French, the Germans, and the German occupied French Vichy, a new player enters the fray...the Americans. Battron is caught between all of them in an attempt to secure the ship they all are desperate to obtain.


(3 Issues + Graphic Novel)


Written by: Wayne Vansant

Art by: Wayne Vansant

Pages: 102

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 978-1635299618

$14.99 US

BATTRON: The Trojan Woman