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Written by: Jon A. Colunga

Art by: Landon S. Huber

Pages: 102

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1635299397 

​$ 14.99 US

The Creative Team


“I wasn't disappointed. The writing is solid and complimented well by the noir artwork.”– Lee Brandrick, Retro Reviews

“Bleen is a great story, it’s like nothing I have read before, yes there have been stories of characters locked in asylums before but, nothing like this or from such a young characters point of view. Add in the demonic influences and you have a book that is creepy to read yet utterly engaging and one that you can get lost in its world.”
– Matt Deery,

In Mayber Hills Sanitarium secrets haunt the hallways and words must not be spoken. After being committed to the institute, 15 year old Obleena Grunkel aka "Bleen" finds herself trapped within this hellish place while twisted staff members watch her every move, ultimately forcing her to try and escape. But she must play their perverted games first before earning her freedom. Will she end up another victim of these secret games? Or will her own dark secret come to life in the form of a hideous creature from underneath her bed to claim its own victims? For there will be hell to pay for those who make a deal with the devil within.


JON A COLUNGA was born in 1984. I was influenced by all sorts of '80s movies, especially the horror ones. I was that quiet little boy sitting in the corner of the library reading Goosebumps in the '90s. I am heavily influenced by those time eras in my creativity. I have many more ideas I hope to release in the coming future. Thank you so much for reading "Bleen" and I hope to borrow your eyes again in a new story one day.


LANDON HUBER is a multimedia artist/musician living in Tempe, Arizona. He is the artist and illustrator of the graphic novel, Bleen. In addition to Bleen, he is also the co-creator and illustrator of the independent comic series, "The Punctuation Men". For the last several years he has released various musical and art projects, in 2013 released his first solo album called "Creature of Emotion." He has created a unique style of artwork called (Dark Surrealism) which can be viewed online. Most of the works in Pencils, Inks, and Ink wash Drawings of Surreal and Strange things, many of which are byproducts of Landon's Dreams and Imagination. Landon has directed and edited various music videos with experimental Rap/Rock group "Robots in the Zone," as well as For Matt Frost and indie soul productions, and Alternative/Metal Fusion band, "Enclaved Soul". As well as Producing or Co-Producing the Music with the bands.


(4 Issues + Graphic Novel)