The Creative Team

All stories are written by: Marcello Bondi.

The plot of the story Love For A Mannequin is co-write with: Paolo Cattaneo.


Story and artists:

Betrayal art by: Marco Renna

Boom art by: Nico Tamburo

Click art by: Daniele Folegatti

Crop Circles art by: Stefano Artibani

Exhumation art by: Daniele Afferni

Fallen On The Earth art by: Stefano Guerrasio

In Satan’s Name art by: Matteo Galardini

Kidnapped! art by: Biagio Leone

Love For A Mannequin art by: Giuseppe Falco

Pirates! art by: Sergio Acampora

The Challenge art by: Nico Tamburo

The Headstone art by: Matteo Galardini

The Killer art by: Sandro De Vivo

The Lawmen art by: Sergio Acampora

The Mercy Killing art by: Giuseppe Latanza

The Money’s Value art by: Nico Tamburo

The Safe Deposit Box art by: Matteo Galardini

The Sins Of The Fathers art by: Giuseppe Falco

The Stalker art by: Marco Renna

The Supermarket art by: Salvatore Coppola

The Witness art by: Alessandro Patria

Time Travel art by: Biagio Leone

Witness’ Eyes art by: Federico Pompili


Lettering by: Lorenzo Zazzeri


Translations by:

Agostino Colletti (Betrayal, Fallen On The Earth, The Safe Deposit Box)

Francesca Olgiati (Boom, The Money’s Value)

Lorenzo D’Orazio (Click, Exhumation, The Mercy Killing, The Witness)

Lucrezia Bertolino (Crop Circles, The Sins Of The Fathers)

Alberto Sentimenti (In Satan’s Name, The Stalker)

Chiara Bellante (Kidnapped!, The Killer, The Lawmen, Witness’ Eyes)

Ornella Vendittozzi (Love For A Mannequin)

Debora Colangelo (Pirates!)

Anna Tommasini (The Challenge)

Martina Laurenzo (The Headstone, The Supermarket)

Manuela Bianchi (Time Travel)


Scripts’ edit and translations’ edit by: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari

Written by: Laszlo Tamasfi 

Art by: Jeremy Ray, Lost Arno, Micahel Malatini, Manoj Kumar A, Tesni Edathil, Akhmad Yusuf Marzuki Wijaya, Branko Jovanovic, Jozsef Svab, Gergely Leposa, Justin Cornell, Tejlor, Eleonora Kortsarz, Andi Supriyono, Earl Geier

Pages: 121

Print: Black/White


​ISBN:  978-1635299281

$ 12.99 US

Laszlo Tamasfi is a Silver Scream Award winning horror author. His comics include Invisible Hands (American Gothic Press) and The Last Panel (The DarkSide magazine). Jeremy Ray is the creator of XTIN: The Dragon's Dreamworld and is illustrating an episode of The Grimm Playhouse on YouTube. Lost Arno is a French storyboard artist. He previously worked for Galaxie Comics and Elonan Comics. Micahel Malatini was born in Urbino, Italy. He illustrated Invisible Hands (American Gothic Press).  Manoj Kumar A (Manu) and Tesni Edathil are a team of husband and wife artists from Bengaluru, India. Akhmad Yusuf Marzuki Wijaya is a comic book artist living in Surabaya, Indonesia. Branko Jovanovic is comic artist from Serbia. Past projects include Orphans in collaboration with writer Eric Palicki. Jozsef Svab is a Hungarian comic book artist known for his adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Gergely Leposa is a Hungarian illustrator and comic book artist. Justin Cornell is a freelance illustrator and designer. Tejlor is a Hungarian artist and caricaturist. His works have been published in Holland, the United States and Italy. Eleonora Kortsarz was born in Salta, Argentina. She has published work in Brazil, Spain, England, the United States and Argentina. She currently works for Faythstudios and Telltale Productions. Andi Supriyono is an Indonesian comic book artist. Earl Geier has done work in the role playing game industry for such titles as Battletech (Fasa), Shadowrun (Fasa), Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium), and Dungeons and Dragons (TSR). Andrea Lorenzo Molinari received his Ph.D. from Marquette University (1996). His previous writings with Caliber Comics include, The Shepherd: Apokatastasis; Climbing the Dragon’s Ladder; and The Shepherd: The Path of Souls. He also serves as an editor for Caliber Comics. 

Written by: Sam Costello,  Ken Meyer Jr., Glenn Moane, Gary Reed, Mark Bertolini, Jason Walz, Gary Scott Beatty, E. Mayen Briem, Orion Petitclerc

Art by: Trevor Denham, Ken Meyer Jr., Predrag Ivanovic, Andy Bennett, Jason Jarava, Sami Makkonen, Jason Walz, Gary Scott Beatty, Denis Vermesse, Marcelo Salaza

Pages: 112

Print: Black/White


​ISBN:  978-1942351474

$ 9.99 US

The popular graphic novel anthology series returns. Contained within Volume 3 are 23 short stories from 17 different artists. From crime stories to westerns to science fiction to tales of the completely unknown Caliber Presents will take you there and hopefully return you safely back.

The original Caliber Presents anthology title was one of Caliber Comic’s inaugural releases in the 1990s and featured predominantly new creators, many of which went onto successful careers in the comics’ industry, including landing jobs and long term employment at MARVEL and DC. Each volume highlights the writting and art talents of current comic creators throughout the industry.

The Return of one of Caliber Comic's Signature Series


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Contained within Volume 2. Caliber Presents is an anthology bringing forth new voices along with comic veterans to provide an eclectic mix of quality and diversity. From drama to horror to science fiction, each edition of Caliber Presents has all new material along with some previews of classic Caliber material and an Artist Sketchbook. In this issue, Ghost Sonata is previewed and artist Sami Makkonen provides the sketchbook along with regular tales of horror, science fiction, action/adventure, and mystery.

Written by: Gary Reed, Joe Pruett, Gary Scott Beatty, Sam Costello, Ben Sherrill, E. Mayen Briem, Mark Bertolini, Renton Hawkey

Art by: Alex Shekiman, Mark Bloodworth, Ken Meyer Jr., Gary Scott Beatty, Jason Walz, Steven Perkins, Rowel Rogue, Emerson Dimaya, Nick Barber

Pages: 112

Print: Black/White


​ISBN:  978-1942351436     

$ 9.99 US

The Creative Team

The Creative Team




In order fulfill the last wishes of his eccentric millionaire uncle, James has to spend a night in a long-abandoned observatory and confirm the existence of the mysterious Planet X. A celestial object that is unknown to modern science, but was more than familiar to the ancient tribes of the Amazon who worshipped bloodthirsty gods all those centuries ago. While waiting for the planet to reveal itself, James kills time reading his uncle’s dream journal... just to find out firsthand that the visions that tortured him at night were more than mere figments of his imagination.


Volume 4 collects stories from that strange corner of the horror genre where anything can happen and nothing is off limits! Where the secret behind the family’s famous meatball recipe is even more stomach-turning than you feared, the mascots in front of the shopping mall are not wearing costumes, and the elevator knows how to shake the strollers between floors so the babies never grow up to be annoying teenagers.

The Creative Team

Written by: Marcello Bondi

Art by: Marco Renna,‎ Nico Tamburo,‎ Daniele Folegatti,‎ Stefano Artibani,‎ Daniele Afferni,‎ Stefano Guerrasio,‎ Matteo Galardini,‎ Biagio Leone,‎ Giuseppe Falco,‎ Sergio Acampora,‎ Sandro De Vivo,‎ Guiseppe Latanza,‎ Salvatore Coppola,‎ Alessandro Patria,‎ Federico Pompili

Pages: 108

Print: Black/White


​ISBN:  978-1635299434

$ 12.99 US


Contained within Volume 1. The original Caliber Presents anthology title was one of Caliber Comic’s inaugural releases in the 1990s and featured predominantly new creators, many of which went onto successful careers in the comics’ industry. In this first volume of the all-new Caliber Presents, Alex Sheikman presents a science fiction tale inspired by the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leon. Joe Pruett and Ken Meyer Jr. team up on an introspective tale of a mundane life punctuated by tragedy. Jason Walz illustrates a tale of cosplayers at conventions. Sam Costello and Steven Perkins team up for an unexpected look at victims. Gary Reed and Laval Ng show a glimpse from the pages of Saint Germaine’s Magus. Renton Hawkey and Nick Barber present a look at the promise of tomorrow. Mark Bertollini and Jerome Eyquem tell a tale of instant time travel. Gary Scott Beatty takes us to the cool age of Jazz and E. Mayen Briem and Emerson Dimaya take us further back for a horror tale during the war years. Ben Sherrill and Rowel Roque show us a futuristic big game hunting trip.



Gary Reed is the author of 100s of comics and books including his award-wining “Deadworld”, “Saint Germaine”, and the Harvey Award nominated, “Baker Street”. Joe Pruett was the editor of “Negative Burn”, the multi-award winning anthology and has also written “X-Men” titles for Marvel Comics. Sam Costello is the writer of the award winning anthology, “Split Lip”, which received the Best Web Comic in the 2014 Horror Comic Awards. Jason Walz’s debut graphic novel, “Homesick”, was nominated for a 2014 Eisner Award. Alex Sheikman is the creator and artist of “Moonstruck” and “Robotika”. He recently completed a series of graphic novels serializing the origin of the “Dark Crystal” universe. Mark Bertolini is a Canadian-based comic book creator with work published by Markosia, Action Lab, 215 Ink, and IDW. Artist Jerome Eyquem has done work for Heavy Metal magazine. Mark Bloodworth was the artist of the critically hailed “Abel” and worked on “Clive Barker's: Hellraiser” for Marvel Comics. Gary Scott Beatty received the Xeric Award for his “Jazz” series and his one-shot “Number One” was on Bleeding Cool News’ list of the best indie comics of 2014. E. Mayen Briem is the writer and editor for the two “Horror City “anthology books. Steven Perkins has been writing and drawing professionally since 2001 on titles such as “Max Payne”, “Pacify”, and “Se7en”. Ken Meyer Jr. has appeared five times in the juried annual of the best science fiction/fantasy art of the year, “Spectrum”. Ben Sherrill is the author of the graphic novel “The Ballad of Rory Hawkins”. Rowel Roque has worked on “Sleepless” and “Binary Gray” as well as “Blokes of Terrible Tomb of Terror”.

Gary Scott Beatty is the publisher and editor of Indie Comics, a periodical spotlighting independent creators from all areas. He was the winner of the Xeric Award for his "Jazz" series which he continues in Caliber Presents. Andy Bennett is known for is work on Vampire: Masquerade as well as other comic work. Mayen Briem is the editor and primary writer for the Horror City anthology. Sam Costello writes the stories for Split Lip which recent won Best Horror Anthology from Comic Monsters. Sami Makkonen is the artist of the NY Times best seller, Hatter M as well as two Deadworld series from IDW which won the Ghastly Awards for best in horror comics. Ken Meyer Jr. was the artist for Warren Ellis' Atmospherics and is a noted painter for game companies. Gary Reed was nominated for a Harvey Award for his Baker Street (twice) and has also been nominated or won awards such as Shel Dorf, Ghastly, Horror Net, and others. Jason Walz was nominated for an Eisner Award for his own book and spotlights a number of tales in the volumes of Caliber Presents.