This Special Summer Preview issue takes a look at some of the exciting upcoming titles from Caliber Comics. Contained within are preview pages, interviews, and more information on the following books: Squalor, Untouchables, Disciples, P.I. Jane, Salt, and Amongst the Stars. Plus a bonus story of the prelude to Inferno and of course the continuation of the History of Caliber from publisher Gary Reed.

AUGUST 2016 - Issue #7

Pages: 35

JUNE 2015 - Issue #3

Pages: 40

This third issue of the free Caliber Rounds "magazine" is a special issue that spotlights four of our writers and the thought process in developing their respective series.  Continuing the spotlighting of Caliber's creators and titles, this issue also features the continuation of Caliber's history, a look at some numbers of Caliber, Tony Meillo's Gapo the Clown new strip, and a special bonus of the Zombie Dawn comic that serves as a prequel to the cult classic movie.

The second issue of the FREE "magazine" of Caliber Rounds profiling Caliber's creators and titles. In this issue, we take a look at Caliber's war comics plus interviews with Wayne Vansant and Don Lomax. Also, a profile on the Sin Eternal series, which is a modern updating of Dante's Inferno. Tony Miello starts off his regular Gapo the Clown all new feature and for our bonus this issue, we have a very early tale of Deadworld in Gideon's: Guns for Sale.

MAY 2015 - Issue #2

Pages: 34


Caliber Rounds is a FREE magazine that highlights current and upcoming publications from Caliber Comics. It features interviews with writer/artist creators, profiles, previews, and looks back at some of the earlier works of previous Caliber writers/artists.

​Each issue is a downloadable PDF file.

This first issue clocks in at a large 38 pages with interviews from Kevin Van Hook on doing Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ben Sherrill and his Ballad of Rory Hawkins, Mayen Briem on the genesis of Horror City, and Steve Jones takes a look at Dracula and wants to know why the Count can't gain popularity ala Sherlock Holmes. Plus a look at all the releases from Caliber's first year since it returned to publishing. There's also a sneak peak at some upcoming titles.


APRIL 2015 - Issue #1

Pages: 38





JUNE 2016 - Issue #6

Pages: 34

DECEMBER 2015 - Issue #5

Pages: 35



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OCTOBER 2015 - Issue #4

Pages: 36

Issue Four of the free Caliber Rounds "magazine" features a preview of titles released in the Fall of 2015.  Taking a look at such titles as Bayani and The Nine Daughters of the Moon, Killing Castro, The SixSmiths, Boy Zero, and The God Child.  In addition, an all-new Gapo the Clown strip and publisher Gary Reed continues his "History of Caliber Comics". Concluding with part two of the Zombie Dawn movie prequel comic for fans to enjoy.

This issue of Caliber Rounds takes a look at the long running series, Saint Germaine. A figure shrouded in history, this is Gary Reed’s take on the mysterious immortal. In addition to a look at the storylines of the series illustrated by Vince Locke and Andy Bennett and guest stars, there is a bonus story on Saint Germaine. Also included is a look at Gary Scott Beatty’s Jazz series and at the all new version of Caliber Presents. Plus regular features such as Gapo the Clown and a History of Caliber.

Caliber Rounds #5 presents an inside look at Caliber's anthologies with a focus on two horror anthologies, Danny Boyd's Chillers and Mayem Brien's Horror City. Chillers are all new stories centered around the theme of the Chillers feature film movie released by legendary Troma Films. While Horror City features gripping short stories from a team of interenational artists and writers. Both feature a complete story in this issue as a bonus. Plus, a look at other anthologies such as Night Pieces and Midnight Mortuary and a glance at the upcoming Calibrations publication. And finally a look at The History of Caliber Comics continues.

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