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Featuring 25 Stories over 2 Volumes:

Dr. Timmy's Fearless Dentistry

by Daniel Boyd & Juan Romera


Mickey Barnes Gets A Gift

by Jason Pell & Ger Curti


In For A Pesco, In For A Pound

by Daniel Boyd & J.C. Grande


The Right Place At The Wrong Time

by Robert Tinnell & Ger Curti



by Daniel Boyd & Ricardo Mendes



by William Bitner & Jason Rhodes


Get What You Give

by Betsey Raye Allen & Ricardo Mendes


On Good Authority

by Jason Pell & Juan Romera


Handicrap Accessible

by Daniel Boyd & Wayne Reid


Free To Good Home

by William Bitner & S.R. Ayers


Until The Flies Come

by Gary Reed & Ger Curti


Sin Flowers

by Daniel Boyd & Edi Guedes


Live Bait

by William Bitner & Wayne Reid


Exotic Tastes

by Jason Pell & Ger Curti



by Robert Tinnell & Andrew Dimitt


The Hellfire Worm

by Bill Richardson & Juan Romera


Medal of Dishonor

by Katarina Dedicova & Edi Guedes


Bully Bully

by Bill Richardson & Ger Curti


Phillip Runs

by Jason Pell & Juan Romero


Repo Limbo

by Daniel Boyd & Edi Guedes


Distracted Walking

by Daniel Boyd & Juan Romero


Dark Match

by Frank Larnerd & Wayne Reid


The Red Carpet

by William Bitner & S.R. Ayers


A Mother's Beauty

by Gary Reed & Kevin Thomas


Hard Cider

by Daniel Boyd & Ricardo Mendes

"I love it when an anthology comes together so well because it is not an easy thing to accomplish. Having a large number of writers and artists on a book can lead to a lot of issues unless it is done right, and Chillers is done right. Based on the film of the same name, this collection is by Daniel Boyd, the man behind the Troma film. ... No matter how I look at it, I love this collection. I read a lot of anthology titles and Chillers is quickly rising to the top of the list with the best of them. ... Overall this was a great read from start to finish. I cannot wait for a sequel."- Decapitated Dan


“In the annals of horror there are a handful on names that rise above the genre as true craftsman of cinema. You have George Romero, John Carpenter, and trailing not too far behind, Daniel Boyd.”  - The Joblo Network


“Easily this is my favorite horror comic release of the year so far and will be very hard to dethrone - maybe even impossible." - Comics Forge

Based on the classic CHILLERS feature film from Troma!




Emerging from the twilight...from out of the crypt and beyond the darkside comes...CHILLERS


With the Chillers anthology series, the transit bus driver ‘and host’, Peterr Jesus, delivers folks to their final destination and shares with us their tales of horror and misery. In the tradition of such shows as Night Gallery and a darker Twilight Zone, the original director of the acclaimed Chillers feature film, Daniel Boyd, delivers a unique blend of stories for horror and gothic loving audiences worldwide to enjoy.  Featuring stories and artwork from some of the comic industry’s best known talent. With the graphic novels being nominated for both the Ghastly Award and Shel Dorf Awards for Best Anthology.





Written by: Various

Art by: Various

Pages: 128

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 0983630763

​$12.99 US


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Daniel Boyd is an acclaimed filmmaker with dozens of films, including Chillers, Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers, and Paradise Park (aka, Heroes of the Heart) to his credit. A media studies professor at West Virginia State University since 1983, Boyd has also taught around the world including in Tanzania as a three-time Fulbright scholar.  Producing nearly every genre of film, Boyd’s television work has earned 3 national Telly awards and 2 regional Emmy nominations. He has recently expanded into graphic novel creation with Chillers – The Graphic Novel  (Transfuzion Publishing), which was the 2012 Shel Dorph nominee for Original Graphic Novel of the Year, and Ghastly nominee for Best Horror Anthology.   Chillers 2 was released in 2013, and CARBON, is scheduled for release in May 2014. Boyd also serves as “Artist and Residence” at WV State University’s Economic Developments Center on Charleston’s west side.


Written by: Various

Art by: Various

Pages: 146

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 0985749369

​$12.99 US



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