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Spring 1997 - Three new series prove popular: Saint Germaine, Dicks (from Garth Ennis and John McCrae), and Red Diaries. Red Diaries proves to have a strong following in mystery books stores around the country and is released later in hardcover collections.

Summer 1997 - Caliber brings two favorites back to the stands with Mr. Monster and Maze Agency. Caliber announces licensing deals with Whitley Stieber's Communion and Brian Lumley's Necroscope and also announces the return of another comic favorite, Jon Sable (which never materialized due to creator Mike Grell's heavy schedule outside of comics). Caliber releases the Amazing Comics imprint from Glass House Graphics featuring the art of Mike Deodato.

Fall 1997 - Caliber announces the re-launch of Tome Press. Two new creator owned series launch, generating great reviews in LifeQuest and Little White Mouse.

Winter 1998 - Caliber launches the Caliber Core universe which is a cohesive universe that ties together many titles. Although the Core universe is structured around events and characters from Raven Chronicles, Black Mist is the first release.

Spring 1998 - Caliber divides its line into different sub-imprints which include the Caliber Core and the titles designated as Caliber Fantasy. Tome Press continues under its own imprint.

Summer 1998 - Caliber announces a regular title of Caliber Core which features many of the characters found in other Core books. Legends of Camelot is also announced as a series.  Caliber develops a special arrangement with a major on-line service to develop its properties for exploitation and rights management.

Fall 1998 - Caliber focuses on titles that sell through its web site and finds a great success with the Sherlock Holmes titles.  The Tome Press line, although not supported within the direct comics market finds a new audience, albeit smaller,  via the Internet.

Spring 1999 - Caliber focuses most of its efforts into the Internet with an expansive web site and distribution outlets through most of the major on-line booksellers for its graphic novels. Caliber announces the return of Cavewoman in an all new series. 

2001 - The comics market continues its fall and as stores dwindle, Reed decides to close down Caliber and although the publishing ceases, Reed focuses on exploitation in other markets.  After a few stalled deals, Caliber fades away.  Reed decides to use his Masters degree in biology and starts to teach college.

Fall 2003 - Gary Reed sets up Baker Street collection with Byron Preiss Visuals (Ibooks) to be distributed by Simon and Shuster.  Reed co-created and co-wrote the book with artist, Guy Davis.

Spring 2004 - Reed is hired by Ibooks to adapt a number of books including classic horror, American History, and Rock Stars.

Fall 2004 - Desperado Publishing starts up, spear-headed by Joe Pruett, former Creative Director at Caliber.  Desperado sets up a distribution deal with Image Comics and includes some of the Caliber titles as part of the lineup.

Spring 2005 - In a joint partnership, Desperado and Image release a new Deadworld series (Requiem for the World) as well as new collections of Dead Killer; Saint Germaine; Renfield; and Red Diaries.

Fall 2005 -Publisher Gary Reed joins with Frazer Irving to do adaptation of Frankenstein for Penguin Books (Puffin Classics)

Spring 2006 - Publisher Gary Reed joins with Becky Cloonan to do adaptation of Dracula for Penguin Books (Puffin Classics).  Ibooks closes due to death of publisher, Byron Preiss.

Spring 2007 -Eagle One Media puts out a CD collecting the first 44 issues of the Caliber comic, Deadworld.

Fall 2007 - Gary Reed teams up with Rafael Nieves to start a new publishing company, Transfuzion.  The initial intent is to collect and reprint previously published material from Reed and Nieves and launch a series of anthologies.  Transfuzion will release about 70 graphic novels and includes previously published material from other creators as well as all new material from both Reed, Nieves, and a number of other comic creators.

Fall 2010 - Desperado releases an OGN, Deadworld: Slaughterhouse in hardcover format only.

Spring 2011 - Reed releases his Curious Cases of Sherlock Holmes from IDW.

Fall 2011 - Reed releases an OGN, Deadworld: The Last Siesta from IDW.

Fall 2012 - Reed brings Deadworld to IDW in a series of mini-series, starting off with War of the Dead.

Fall 2013 - Reed teams up with Eagle One Media owner Eric Reichert to bring back Caliber Comics and roll the Transfuzion line into the reborn company. The intention to publish a new line of independent comic and graphic novels and re-print existing library titles for a global audience. With the potential to develop the properties along other media platforms such as television, film, and the web.

Spring 2014 - All of Transfuzion titles are re-branded with the Caliber Comics imprint and new material is announced.

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