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Covering some of the historical highlights of the company in a rather brief fashion. Many of the dates are a rough approximation.

Summer 1988 -  At a meeting at his comic store in Westland, Mi. Gary Reed announces theformation of a new comics company to be called Caliber. In attendance were creators Guy Davis, Vincent Locke, Mark Winfrey, Mark Bloodworth, and Dirk Johnston.  Alan Oldham and Joe Doughrity were present also at some of the earliest meetings.

Fall 1988 -  The initial titles are announced. Deadworld and Realm from Arrow Comics will now be published by Caliber. A new series, Baker Street, co-created by Reed and Guy Davis, is scheduled and an anthology series is proposed, to be called High Caliber. Reed meets with a local film company about doing a adaptation of a movie they're doing which stars Walter Koenig called Moontrap.  Reed makes arrangements with "POCKET CLASSICS", a series of illustrated books similar in design to Classics Illustrated to be released to the Direct Market via Caliber Press.

Early 1989 -  Production work begins on the comics and solicitation of the new titles as Caliber is introduced. The staff of Caliber consists of Reed and two of his store employees, Chester Jacques helping with editorial and another employee assisting in art production. Reed secures hot artist, Tim Vigil, for a serial and cover for High Caliber. Later, a customer at the store, James O'Barr, shows Reed the first issue of a series called The Crow which Reed adds to the Caliber line-up.

Spring 1989 -  The first Caliber titles are released. The initial title released is Deadworld #10 to be followed by Caliber Presents (originally to be called High Caliber, but is changed because of a possible conflict with a movie coming out), Realm 14 followed by Baker Street 1 and Crow 1. Moontrap follows soon after. The "official" debut is at the Capital City Trade Show. Caliber gives away 1000's of copies of the titles including first prints of The Crow.

Summer 1989 -  Caliber releases the Progeny graphic novel from newcomer J. Calafiore who had sent in a blind submission. Caliber sets up at their first Chicago Convention. There, they sign up new titles such as Go-Man and Fringe. Other new titles released over the summer include Cheerleaders from Hell, Gringo, and Northguard.

Early Winter 1990 -  Snarl, Varcel's Vixens, and Frost are new titles added to the schedule. Reed hires Kevin VanHook as Production Manager.

Spring 1990 -  John Bergin debuts his Ashes series and Jazz Age Chronicles comes to Caliber. Nate Pride joins to assist in art duties.

Summer 1990 -  Caliber releases an adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it is Caliber's most successful title to date and is Caliber's first color book. Mike Allred debuts his Creatures of the Id one shot which features the very first appearance of Madman (as Frank Einstein).

Fall 1990 -  Caliber launches two new color series, Billy Nguyen and Mike Allred’s Grafik Muzik. VanHook leaves and will eventually become Editor in Chief at Valiant Comics.

Spring 1991 -  Caliber signs a deal with Palladium Books, the role playing company, to release comic adaptations of the games. The first and only release is Mechanoids. Caliber signs up Michael Lark (later of Terminal City fame) and his series, Airwaves.

Summer 1991 -  Caliber releases Silencers from Mark Askwith and R.G. Taylor and launches a new line of comics built around literary adaptations, biographies, and historical events....Tome Press. Tome would go on to have some 70 different titles.

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