Written by: Jack London, Gary Reed, Ron McCain, Charles Yates

Art by: Ron McCain, Guy Davis, Vince Locke, Charles Yates

​Cover by: Kyle Huston

Pages: 102

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1942351924

​$12.99 US

JACK LONDON: The Comic Book Collection

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Gary Reed was the long time writer of Deadworld and also wrote many other works including the Harvey Award nominated, Baker Street. His series of Saint Germaine has received critical acclaim and he has also written Renfield, Red Diaries, A Murder of Scarecrows, and Storyville amongst others. His Renfield graphic novel has been used in college literature courses. He has written adaptations of classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein for Penguin Books. His Deadworld series have won three Ghastly Awards for being the “Best in Horror” in both mini-series and original graphic novels. He was also the publisher of Caliber Comics and was an Adjunct Professor of Biology at college near his hometown of Detroit, MI until his passing in 2016.


Ron McCain has illustrated on such titles as well-known as Daredevil, Adventure of Superman, Legends of the Dark Knight, DeathStroke, Black Lightning, Clive Barker's Night Breed and Hellraiser titles. In addition to the mainstream market contributions, he has also self-published several creator owned comics and limited edition sketchbooks. Ron is also the Art Director for the startup publisher Unibrow Comics. He still lives in the Seattle area.

One of America's early great literary writers comes to comics

At the dawn of the 20th century, Jack London was considered one of the first literary writing pioneers in the rapidly growing world of magazine fiction. Having written numerous novels, short stories, poems and essays, he became a well-known celebrity and world-wide house hold name. Even today, Jack London’s popular written works find a large reader audience and his stories have been adapted into feature films and television programs. 


Here are presented FIVE of his stories, adapted with illustrated art from award winning comic artists Ron McCain (DC’s Batman, and Adventures of Superman, MARVEL’s Wolverine), Guy Davis (Dark Horse’s Hellboy and DC’s Swamp Thing), Vince Locke (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Judge Dredd, Deadworld), and Charles Yates (High Caliber, Frankenstein). 


Collected are Jack London's: A Piece of Steak, Chinago, The Death of Ligoun, Told in the Drooling Ward, and Koolau the Leper.



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