Three young men embark on a quest to find and kill Khor, a despotic warrior/wizard of the land who has a track record of destroying and annihilating all who have attempted to oppose him. Along their journey the young men will face various obstacles and challenges, and seek help in a monastery where they are given guidance as to where they can obtain the materials needed to face and possibly defeat Khor. However their dangerous adventure is not so smooth and clear cut as the young men must first defeat Khor's trusted lieutenant, and Khor’s military forces, before coming face to face with Khor himself!

In the tradition of CONAN THE BARBARIAN comes a sword and sorcery adventure for the ages. 

Written by: Marcello Bondi

Art by: Alessandra Imperio, Alessandro Manzella

Pages: 159

Print: Color


​ISBN:  978-1635299212

​$ 19.99 US

MARCELLO BONDI was born in 1995 in Sassuolo, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. At the early age of 8 he wrote his first short novel and he has been writting ever since. One of his novels has been quoted as one of the most significant coming from Fiorano Modenese, the village where he lives. Having been a comic lover since he was a child, Marcello decided to combine his passions by getting interested in comic scripts. This new commitment has taken him to start collaborating with many debuting and professional cartoonists. Marcello has written the short story Diabolik, published as an attachment to DK2015, which includes two interviews curated by himself. Moreover, he has written two plots for Diabolik as a regular series. With American publisher Caliber Comics, Marcello has published an anthology of his short stories Flash From Nowhere, which appeared in Caliber Presents: Volume 3. Marcello has written a short story for Tex, published in Color Tex N.14. His work has also appeared in the Flip anthology, published by the English publisher Markosia and edited by the English writer Jack Briglio.


ALESSANDRA IMPERIO is an illustrator and freelance visual designer living in Milano, Italy. Before becoming an illustrator, Alessandra worked as researcher in Italy and abroad on the physics of liquids. After her PhD in Physics in 2005 from the Università degli Studi of Milan, Alessandra specialized in numerical software development for the simulation of complex liquids behavior in two or three dimensions. Following her passion for art and visual communication, in 2012 she made the transition from the virtual world of complex liquids to the complex world of ink drawings! In 2014 she graduated with a degree in Illustration and Animation from the IED of Milano, where she experimented in traditional as well as digital technics in the field of drawing and visual communication. Her main aspiration is to work in the multimedia branch, maybe developing her own motion book format.


ALESSANDRO MANZELLA was born in 1980 in the province of La Spezia, and currently living in Bologna, Italy, Alessandro is an illustrator and concept artist for 3D applications and multimedia installations for museums. He is also an Associate and vice-president of the Association of Authors of Images (formerly the Association of Illustrators) association that deals with protecting and promoting authors and visual creators such as illustrators, comic artists, and visual artists.

Khor's Land


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