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Written by: Andrea Amenta

Art by: Stefano Cardoselli

Pages: 135

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1635299236

​$ 12.99 US




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The Creative Team


(5 Issues + Graphic Novel)

A hard-nosed cop in a violent, corrupt metropolis. A stolen samurai sword with mystical properties. A strange green fog enveloping the city… The Mayor, perhaps himself the most corrupt, is ready to do anything to control and channel the city's festering criminality — and, in so doing, assure his re-election. But is Detective Cronenberg – a man torn between duty and justice – willing to let him get away with his horrific plans?


Collects comic issues #1-5.

Stefano Cardoselli – Artist

Stefano is a Tuscan-born artist, creating comics since 1999; a frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine, and he has also worked with 2000AD, Simon & Schuster, Antarctic Press, Blue Water Comics, Dark Slinger Comics, Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, TROMA Entertainment and many others. His work has been mentioned in Time and Rolling Stone magazine. A story he drew for Stuart Moore was included in a 2000AD tribute anthology with an introduction by Alan Moore.


Andrea Amenta – Writer

Andrea  is a Tuscan-based comics creator and writer. In 2017, he opened with artist Stefano Cardoselli the indie comics studio ArmageDoom Factory, which he manages. His works include the graphic novels Sunshine Doom 1971 and Ballad of the Broken Heart, and the comic series Hell Cross and The Mysterious Adventures of the Daring Darling. His mini-series Planet Caravan, co-created with Cardoselli, is coming for Scout Comics, summer 2019, and he is currently developing a board game.


Bram Meehan - Lettering

Bram has done lettering, logo design, and production for a number of independent comics. He has also done graphic design work and been a creative director for more than two decades.


Daniele Bonfanti - Editing and Translation

Daniele is a speculative fiction novelist and language translator (works by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King and many others). He is a Splatterpunk Award nominee, and his fiction received two Honorable Mentions in The Best Horror of the Year. After translating and editing several comic books, UNSTOPPABLE was his first graphic novel as creator. An adventure enthusiast – mountaineer, kayaker, open-water swimmer, trail runner – and beekeeper, he was born and raised between Lake Como and its mountains; he now lives on a Macaronesian island, in a house haunted by evil daughters.


Andrea Lorenzo Molinari – Editor and additional Translation

Andrea is the co-writer/ co-creator of The Shepherd graphic novel series published by Caliber Comics, three volumes: Apokatastasis; The Path of Souls; and The Path of Dogs; 2015; 2018; 2018). Molinari received his Ph.D. from Marquette University (1996). His previous writings vary considerably in genre and include four books, two scholarly monographs; an illustrated novel with Tyler J. Walpole: Climbing the Dragon’s Ladder (Caliber Comics, 2017); and a role-playing game: Romans and Christians A.D. 64 (2009).  In addition, he has published numerous scholarly articles as well as a variety of popular pieces.  Other media projects include three audio courses, all through Now You Know Media, and a television documentary with BBC/ Discovery.  Molinari also serves as a submissions editor and project editor for Caliber Comics (Time Grunts; Tales from the Outer Rim; The Devil's Armchair; Morning Star; Dark Frontier; The Wrath of God, Last on the List, A.A.I. Wars; Caliber Presents, Vol. 3: Flash from Nowhere; Caliber Presents, Vol. 4: The Observatory; The Bobcat). In addition, he is an editor for the Spanish publisher, Amigo Comics (Malaga, Spain: e.g., The Blackening; Phantasmagoria) and has done editing for Scout Comics (Graveland).

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