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(6 issues + Graphic Novel)

R.A. JONES has worked in the comic book field for more than three decades, as a reviewer, columnist, editor and writer. In his career he has worked for several of the major comics companies.  That work includes, but is not limited to: BULLETPROOF MONK (Image); WOLVERINE/CAPTAIN AMERICA (Marvel); SHOWCASE ’95 (DC); Harlan Ellison’s DREAM CORRIDOR (Dark Horse); SCIMIDAR, FIST OF GOD, THE PROTECTORS, STAR TREK: DS9 (Malibu). In addition to Bulletproof Monk, which was adapted into a major motion picture, two of R.A.’s short stories served as the basis for episodes of the French sci-fi television series METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES. He has also written several prose novels, including DEATHWALKER, GUN GLORY, TH ESTEEL RING, COMANCHE BLOOD, THE TWILIGHT WAR and SCIMIDAR.


ROB DAVIS - began his professional art career doing illustrations for role-playing games in the late 1980’s.  Not long after he began lettering and inking, then penciling comics for a number of small black and white comics publishers—most notably for Eternity Comics, which eventually became Malibu Comics in the 1990’s, on their books SCIMIDAR and MERLIN with writer R.A. Jones. Branching out to other black and white publishers and eventually working at both DC and Marvel Rob worked on likeness intensive comics like TV adaptations of QUANTUM LEAP and STAR TREK’s many incarnations mostly on the DEEP SPACE NINE comics for Malibu. At Marvel he worked on the Saturday morning cartoon adaptation PIRATES OF DARK WATER. After the comics industry implosion in the late 1990’s Rob picked up work on video games, advertising illustration and T-shirt design as well as some small press comics like ROBYN OF SHERWOOD for Caliber. Rob continues to do the odd self-published comic book as well as publisher and designer for his small-press production REDBUD STUDIO COMICS. Rob is Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for the New Pulp production outfit AIRSHIP 27 partnered with writer/editor Ron Fortier. Rob is the recipient of the PULP FACTORY AWARD for “Best Interior Illustrations” in 2010 and 2014 for his work on SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE and has been nominated for the same award every year since its inception. He works and lives in central Missouri with his wife and two children.

Before there was King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, there was Merlin.


In the year 410 A.D., a divided and decaying Rome calls the last of her occupying forces from the island of Britain. With the Roman legions gone, British warlords and foreign invaders alike begin to battle for control of the small isle. In the region known today as Wales, one warlord at last gains enough prominence to take the title “King”. His name is Vortigern.


It is the tenth year of his reign, 435 A.D., and that is where our story begins…


Collects the entire Merlin series - issues 1-6.

The Creative Team

Written by: R.A. Jones

Art by: Rob Davis, Bradley Keough, Bruce McCorkindale

Pages: 156

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:   978-1635299557

​$16.99 US


MERLIN: The Legend Begins