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MASSIMO ROSI is an Italian writer who started his career in early 2009, self-publishing his first comic books: Skinwalker, Land of the Brave, Midnight Eyes ave., AND The Fucking Frogman. After studying at International School of Comics in Florence and Reggio Emilia, he became a “real” writer; in 2012 he started working for Titanium Comics in USA with Death Raye. In 2013, with the Tuscan artist Stefano Cardoselli, he founded the Leviathan Labs studios and created Necromantical for Ardden Entertainment, now Scout Comics.  Then Massimo created and wrote Darkness Within, Voivod and The Shadow of a Terrible Thing for Markosia Enterprises and Planet zero for Insane Comics (nominee at the Ledger Awards in Australia). Now Massimo is working actively with many international artists worldwide, from France to Chile and Argentina, from Colombia to Italy... He writes stories for Action Lab, Calber Comics, Scout Comics and Amigo Comics in United States, for Delcourt Comics in France and for Shockdom in his own country. At the end of 2018, his series Fish Eye, published by Scout Comics, was optioned for a movie by Gina Metthews and her Hollywood production COMPANY.


PASKEL MILLET has been a guitarist and singer of The MONSTER KLUB band for 15 years. He has produce many album covers and t-shirts for international music groups (Meteors, Frantic Flintstones, Cracks, Gutter Demons), illustrations for fantasy novels and creations for tattoos. His first comic, "MONSTERS?" was published in 2014. Then came "UNDERGROUND ZOMBIES" (A collection of gore and rock 'n roll illustrations). In collaboration with Massimo Rosi, he has drawn the Morning Star series for Caliber Comics (USA). A "Sketchbook" was also published by ARMADA. Currently he is wroking on the comic book: THE REPUBLICAN GUARD and on card illustrations for UPPER DECK USA. He also just participated in the revival of the French superhero: FANTAX.


RAMIRO BORRALLO is a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. Ramiro began in the world of comics with the award winning SON, edited by the Spanish publishing Dibbuk; Hand in Hand with El Torres, he released Apocalypse Girl for AMIGO COMICS, he has just completed work on Morning Star and Nobody's Child, both accompanied by Massimo Rosi, and finally, The Secrets with Antonio Sach for the Spanish publisher of GP Ediciones.

MORNING STAR is a unique agency financed by the Vatican to protect the human world and hunt supernatural creatures that use their paranormal powers for evil purposes. It is an organization base around the world that has existed from centuries, ever since the last of the Knights Templar disappeared. But over the years things have changed, the individuals within the Church funding the group have become less devoted to religion, and increasing skeptical to the cause of killing paranormal evil creatures. Which can have dire circumstances for the world.


Collects comic book issues #1-4.


Written by: Massimo Rosi

Art by: Paskal Millet, Ramiro Borrallo 

Pages: 107

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1635299120

​$ 19.99 US

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(4 Issues + Graphic Novel)