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"...a damn good psych thriller, well-plotted, paced just right." 

- Richard Burton, Forbidden Planet Reviews 

“Alexander has a gift for dialogue that brings you into a strange and morbid world that spans generations.” – Geek Syndicate

Writer Jim Alexander has written for DC Comics and Marvel Comics on such popular titles as: Birds of Prey, Batman, Captain Britain, and others. He has also written for Caliber Comics, Games Workshop, and Metal Hurlant. Artist Mark Bloodworth is a storyteller and illustrator who has been published by a number of publishers. His better known work includes Clive Barker's Hellraiser (from Marvel), Zorro (from Pulp Adventure), and abel (from AiT/Planet Lar). He has also published a horror anthology in a similar vein to Night Gallery and Tales from the Crypt called Midnight Mortuary.

The Creative Team

“I find myself recommending The Ripper Legacy for anyone who enjoys macabre tales of suspense, murder and the paranormal.” – Jonathan Hicks, Farsight Blogger“

"This is a solid story told well.” – Dave Evans, Future Quake Press

Does evil truly die? Can it?


He is considered the most infamous murderer in history. His very name inspires terror and dread.


He is Jack the Ripper.


How can his evil and brutal methods possibly affect the world today, some 120 years after the last known victim of the Ripper was put to rest?


But the terrible past of Jack the Ripper manifests itself into the present day!


Jack the Ripper is the most terrifying killer of all time even though his credited body count was only five. Yet the spree of murders he committed in the foggy back streets of London’s Whitechapel district continue to be one of the most investigated cases ever. Could the work of Jack really be just one wild man who for unknown reasons, was led on a killing sprees of violence and mutilation, or could it have been an evil force that consumed an innocent and drove him to commit such unspeakable crimes. The answers are forth coming as the evil force returns again in today’s world. And an investigative team is in a race against time in an attempt to stop the killer.


(3 issues + Graphic Novel)


Written by: Jim Alexander

Art by: Mark Bloodworth

Pages: 101

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 978-1942351900

​$13.99 US