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Gary Reed has written a number of graphic novels including Renfield, Baker Street, Saint Germaine, Red Diaries and many more. He often works with historical or literary settings and some of his books have been used in college classrooms for both literature and as comic writing guides. He is probably best known for his long running series, Deadworld, which received numerous awards and nominations over the last couple of years. He is also the publisher of Caliber Comics. When not involved in storytelling, Gary is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at community college in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four daughters.

The Creative Team

The question is...what makes a hero?  Is it the costume or the person.  In this adventure tale, the role of Seeker is held by one yet it is a battle to determine who has the gift...and the right to be the "true" Seeker.  There has always been a Seeker...but the rule is that there can only be one.


She is an operative for a special task force unit and the Seeker persona has become a popular icon for the American public. Secretly, she is LeAnn Heywood — a woman who wears the mantle of Seeker proudly for she understands that she is Seeker and Seeker is her.


But she's wrong.


Before her there was another Seeker...and before that...yet another...and another.


There has always been a Seeker.


They may look different.  They may "serve" different masters...but the role of Seeker goes beyond current day government, goes beyond operatives against other operatives.  The legacy of Seeker goes into the fabled past of a land that most don't believe exists. Now a previous Seeker, who has been locked up in a mental institute has escaped and she will do anything to get back the Seeker mantle and in the process destroy anyone in her way.


(4 issues + Graphic Novel)


Written by: Gary Reed

Art by: Chris Massarotto, Tim Smith, Adam Walters, Sam Varney, Bruce McCorkindale

Pages: 156

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 0941613347

​$17.99 US

SEEKER: Identity Crisis