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Seeker: Identity Crisis

The saga of Seeker began millennia ago with the fall of the fabled continent called Atlantis. Long ago, it was prophesied that two brothers of the Atlantean royal family would vie for control of that vast empire and, in the attempt, bring about its destruction. This came to pass and the younger of the brothers, Kiryn, was damned to forever walk the Earth as a spectre, always “seeking” release of his shackles but never finding it. But eons later, Kiryn has discovered a way to inhabit willing human hosts and thus, the legacy of the Seeker had begun.


Now, the “Seeker” has found a receptacle in the form of Tracy Lemaster. As a highly successful FBI agent, Tracy has an ingrained sense and single minded focus of justice. The Seeker’s loathing of wrongdoing is strongly apparent within her and, thus, the two of them have united as one in the eerie semblance of the newest Seeker. BUT NOW…ALL THAT HAS CHANGED.


Having been the latest incarnation of Seeker, Tracy LeMaster is locked up in a mental hospital because obviously, her belief in Atlantis and connection to Kiryn couldn’t possibly be true. For the Seeker persona is now a popular icon figure and its government funded program to battle against corporate crime and terrorism around the world has become singular mission, and all the trappings of Atlantis are gone. With Tracy locked up, LeAnn Heyward is the current Seeker and carries out her duties, however a new pupil, Maxine Brasura, is unknowingly in training to become the next Seeker.


Collects the Seeker comic issues #1-3, and comic issues Seeker: Dawn of Armageddon, and Gestalt #0.

BLACK WIDOW meets WITCHBLADE this action thriller


The Creative Team


(5 Issues + Graphic Novel)

GARY REED was the founder of publishing company Caliber Comics in the 1990s which  helped launch the careers of a number of comic writers and artists who went on to major positions at Marvel and DC and within the industry as a whole. During that time he also owned a chain of comic book stores in the Detroit area in the 1990s. He also served as Vice President of McFarlane Toys for the first three of that company’s beginning. Prior to his passing in the fall of 2016 Gary re-started Caliber Comics which continues to this day and was instrumental in the launch of the Deadworld Zombie Soda beverage brand.


JOE MARTIN has been involved in both comics and role-playing games for over 25 years. In addition to his Seeker series, he wrote the very successful Legendlore series for Caliber and edited a line of comics including Camelot Eternal. He co-wrote and helped to develop the War Machine line from Privateer Press and also as Editor in Chief, won an Ennie Award for Best Editor in 2004. He was also the Games Editor for Archaia Press and now freelances as a writer with work appearing in various anthologies.


CHRIS MASSAROTTO showcased his unique style on SEEKER and previously worked on Asylum for Maximum Press. Chris has not been too involved with comics although he did produce an online strip called “Casey Always”.


ADAM WALTERs is now better known as J. Adams Walters and in addition to his SEEKER work, he is best known for his penciling of many Heroic Publishing titles including Flare, Black Enchantress, and Champions. He has also drawn for Marvel Comics.


TIM SMITH has made a very successful career as an artist after leaving SEEKER. He moved on to Exiles and Spiderman Unlimited and then to Teen Titans, Tales from the Crypt, and Sonic X.


BRUCE McCORKINDALE is a very busy inker, doing titles such as Mortal Kombat, Foot Soldiers, and Heretic. He also writes, pencils, inks, and letters for various publishers.


TED PERTZBORN has continued inking after SEEKER and has worked on such notable titles as Cable, Transformers, and Lady Death.


JOEY ROBINSON, in addition to his inking work on SEEKER, has contributed to the Harvey and Eisner awarded anthology, Negative Burn.


LARRY SHUPUT has done quite a bit of inking work for Caliber including SEEKER, Disciples, and Maze Agency.


SAM VARNEY worked on a number of titles for Caliber including the one shot exploration of women in mythology called Mythology’s Mistresses.


BRADLEY WALTON was a frequent contributor on Caliber titles such as OZ and Negative Burn and was also the writer on Cavewoman: Missing Link.



Written by: Gary Reed

Art by: Chris Massarotto, Tim Smith, Adam Walters, Bruce McCorkindale, Ted Pertzborn, Joey Robinson, Larry Shuput, Sam Varney 

​Cover by: Mariusz Zabdyr

Pages: 163

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1635299229

​$ 14.99 US