“If you are an admirer of state-of-art comics, or/and if you search a good adaptation in comics of the classic book Dante's Inferno, this is the best option available, in my humble opinion. I have four different kinds of comic book adaptations of this canonical work, and this one, Sin Eternal is my favorite. Surely all of them have their merits. This one, the writing (one of the hells is an industrial factory) and the drawings (made by different artists), are amazing and will please a lot the comic book fan and the Dante fan as well.” – Amazon Review

"Abandon Hope....All That Enter Here!"


A man finds himself lost…until he is led into the very depths of Hell itself. And he wonders, as he observes the terrible fates of the sinners…what could be in store for him?


Sin Eternal is more than just a re-tooling of the immortal classic, Dante’s Inferno. It plants itself firmly in the modern world and away from the political crimes that dominated Dante’s work. The story covers the travels of the man who is sent to hell to examine the various torments and punishments that the sinners of Earth are forced to face each moment of eternity. From the slovenly gluttons to the fates of the suicides, from the heretics to the thieves, a variety of different levels are covered.


Basing the structure of the underworld on Dante’s classic epic, elements of Paradise Lost by Milton are also mixed in this story that transcends religious beliefs. Set up in the unique style found often in mythological literature, Sin Eternal approaches the subject matter delicately. The elements of the underworld have been brought up to present day to include modern crimes and de-emphasize the religious and political crimes that Dante based most of his torments on. Each level of Dant's Inferno is drawn by a different comic veteran artist.


(5 issues + Graphic Novel)


Written by: Gary Reed

Art by: Vince Locke, Michael Lark, Jim Calafiore, Guy Davis, Dalibor Talijac, Mark Bloodworth, Nate Pride, David Mack, and others.

Pages: 172

Print: Black and White


ISBN: 0941613293

​$14.99 US

SIN ETERNAL: Return to Dante's Inferno

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