Written by: Mitchell Perkins

Art by: George Broderick Jr, Bradley Walton

Pages: 70

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:   978-1635299564

​$10.99 US


MITCHELL PERKINS grew up in a post-civil war wood framed house in Baltimore. He was the eldest of four brothers and a sister. He was raised by his grandmother and great aunt. He was very close to his aunt, who been a teacher in a one-room school house and later a nurse in World War I. Through his aunt he gained love for literature and a serious interest in Albert Kanter's original Classics Illustrated series. Many years later as a student in graduate school at New York University he discovered much information on the Fleischer cartoon factory. Much to his dismay he found that there was very little published on what Dave and Max Fleischer had developed as major motion picture animators. His SNOW QUEEN adaptation is a tribute and a "what if" the Fleischer's had produced an animated film based on Hans Christian Anderson's beloved tale. The Forest Light titles include ALL HALLOWS' EVE (illustrated by John Lang), a faithful adaptation of Gaston Leroux's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (illustrated by Wanda Daughton), Max Fleischer’s GULLIVER'S TRAVELS and KO-KO THE KLOWN'S CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE (both illustrated by George Broderick), THE HUMPTY DUMPTY CHRONICLES (illustrated by Alison Williams) and of course the SNOW QUEEN.


GEORGE BRODERICK JR spent his formative years in a blur of watching Saturday morning cartoons, reading newspaper comics and comic books – and time permitting – attending grade school. Having little or no interest in rocket science or neurosurgery, George began drawing comics at a very young age and made his first professional comic sales at age five, peddling drawings of Popeye, Mighty Mouse, and Woody Woodpecker to the bemused neighborhood Moms from the back of his little red wagon. George's current art credits include work on RADIOACTIVE MAN and LURE LASS/WEASEL WOMAN features in SIMPSON'S SUPER SPECTACULAR for Bongo Comics, KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER for Moonstone Books and POPEYE THE SAILOR for Premium Pop Comics/CLI 2.0.


BRADLEY WALTON has done a number of projects for Caliber including OZ, NEGATIVE BURN, REALM, APPARITIOIN, SEEKER, and MAGUS. With his wife, his lettering credits include CAVEWOMAN: RAIN and TATTOO. He was the co-writer and inker on CAVEWOMAN: MISSING LINK for Basement Comics, and the one-shot “Stained” that appeared in HIGH CALIBER. He has also done work for Antarctic Press, Radio Comix, and About Comics.

An adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story that served as the basis for Disney's FROZEN animated feature film. A young boy, Kay, is captured by a striking image that appears in his frozen window. It is the hauntingly beautiful woman who travels on the winter wind…the icy maiden known as the Snow Queen. An obsession seizes Kay and one day he disappears with the spectral goddess. But is friend, Gerda, refuses to let him go…and she embarks on a dangerous quest to bring him back home.

SNOW QUEEN: Adventure in the Frozen Kingdom

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