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(5 issues & Graphic Novel)

Gary Reed has written a number of graphic novels including Renfield, Baker Street, Saint Germaine, Red Diaries and many more. He often works with historical or literary settings and some of his books have been used in college classrooms for both literature and as comic writing guides. He is probably best known for his long running series, Deadworld, which received numerous awards and nominations over the last couple of years. He is also the publisher of Caliber Comics. When not involved in storytelling, Gary is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at community college in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four daughters.


Wayne Reid is known for his attention to historical detail in works such as El Cid and Zulunation. He has illustrated a number of comics and books from subjects as diverse as mystery thrillers to H.P. Lovecraft. Wayne started his art career later in life as his earlier years were spent as a musician and has played The Grand Ole Opry 28 times. He also toured Europe, playing with the likes of Bobby Bare, Johnny Paycheck, Barbara Mandrell, and others. Wayne, in his retirement years, spends his time continuing to both play in bands and drawing comics. He lives in North Carolina with his wife.

The Creative Team



Written by: Gary Reed

Art by: Wayne Reid, Mark Bloodworth, Nate Pride

Pages: 140

Print: Black and White



If you enjoy shows such as Ripper Street and Copper you'll enjoy Storyville.

From creator Gary Reed on Storyville.
"This is a culmination of two themes I’ve long wanted to do, Storyville and an insane asylum.  But I’ve always wanted to approach them in realistic fashion rather than delve into any thing supernatural.  The plan is to do a series of stand alone graphic novels, just as one does with novels.  With this first one, I think it will appeal to anyone that enjoyed some of my previous work such as Saint Germaine, Renfield, or Red Diaries." 

Within the infamous legal red light district of New Orleans known locally as Storyville, just about anything was permitted. But then a number of prostitutes and their clients end up being murdered…some would say butchered.  And for local authorities and corrupt politicians this was just bad for business. As the police try desperately to deal with what may be a new type of killer...a 'serial killer' that threatens to tear New Orleans apart, Dr. Eric Trevor, a forward thinking psychiatrist, is brought in from Saint James Infirmary to act as a consultant.  

Trevor and Detective Brian Donahue, a Chicago transplant, must form an uneasy alliance to hunt for a killer that seems to kill at random.  Storyville is a mystery/crime story set in 1910 New Orleans which is at times a police procedural and other times, an excursion into the new field of psychotherapy.  The backdrop of the brothels amid the diverse streets of New Orleans is one of our settings but so is Saint James Infirmary where Dr. Trevor attempts to strike a balance between the calculating criminal mind and the purely insane.