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MASSIMO ROSI officially started his career in 2009 when, at just 22 years of age, he self-published his own comic books titled Skinwalker, Land of the Brave, Midnight Eyes Ave. and The Fucking Frogman. After studying comics and scriptwriting at the International School of Comics in Florence and with Reggio Emilia, he plunged head first into script writing. In 2012 he started working for Titanium Comics, specifically for the Death Raye series. In 2013, with artist Stefano Cardoselli, he founded Leviathan Labs studios and created the series Necromantical for Ardden Entertainment, now Scout Comics. Massimo also created and wrote Darkness Within, Voivod and The Shadow of a Terrible Thing for Markosia Enterprises and Planet Zero for Insane Comics (nominee at the Ledger Awards in Australia). Massimo works actively with many international artists worldwide, from France, to Chile and Argentina and from Colombia to Italy. He writes stories for American, Spanish, French and Italian publishers such as Action Lab, Delcour Comics, Caliber Comics, Scout Comics, Amigo Comics, Aces Weekly, YIL Editions, Shockdom and Weird Book. He now lives in Florence, where he teaches Scriptwriting at The Sign Arts Academy, with his girlfriend and four cats.


GIULIO BILISARI is a Tuscan born artist. He started creating comics immediately after attending three years at the International School of Comics in Florence. His first publishing effort was for the Italian publisher Kleiner Flug, on the graphic novel Savonarola. After that Giulio start working with Massimo Rosi in several projects, the first one for David Lloyd's digital publishing house Aces Weekly with the short story Armageddon Punch and after that for Caliber Comics the series Wrath of God. At the moment Giulio is working on a spin off series of the Morning Star comic called Doctor Universalis, also for Caliber Comics.

The Creative Team

For fans of one of Caliber's earliest hit publications - THE CROW


(3 Issues + Graphic Novel)

Wrath of God - Book 1

Written by: Massimo Rosi

Art by: Giulio Bilisari

Pages: 106

Print: Black and White


​ISBN:  978-1635299304 

​$ 14.99 US

Second chances are something that are rarely given to humans, even more rarely when Death is the entity giving it to them. Yet, on an ordinary rainy day Death gives Eric Block, a desperate father who has buried his daughter Aurora just few days before, a unique opportunity: seven days of immortality in which to avenge her. The catch? When the seven days are over, he must join his daughter in the afterlife. Now the father shall unleash the wrath upon those responsible in the time he has left. Collects issues 1-3 of comic book series.





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